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Erin Muir, actress, singer, comedian and award-winning playwright, is our special guest on this week’s episode of “Carolyn Fox’s Hollywood Spotlight.”

Erin green

Hear the interview with special guest, award-winning singer Kanisha K

Kanisha K, Bring Me Home

Complete Radio Broadcast featuring Very Special Guest, Macy Gray

Macy Gray's new album is

Macy Gray’s new album is “The Way”

Featured Interviews

Click to hear the Macy Gray Bathtub Interview.

Macy Gray COVERED album cover

Get Naked with Larkin McLean–How to Throw a Skinny Dipping Party.

Larkin McLean from Video looking scandalized 7 3 12

Phil Proctor of the Firesign Theater After Hours- Part 1.

Phil Proctor in Fez

Comedian Phil Proctor After Hours (with the Naked Sunday School Teacher and the Albino Wrestler) Part 2.


“Carolyn – the Fox who Rocks Hollywood – charms the airwaves with her witty conversation, varied topics, well-thought out musical selections, and one of the smoothest voices in the business. I raise my glass to her new show!”  –Natalie Bovis: Author and Mixology Consultant, The Liquid

Fun Videos

Master comedians Jim Meskimen and Phil Proctor–Separated at Birth.

Paul Mark–Who is the “Smartest Man in the Room?”

The Pyle Sisters sing “Mr. Sandman”

Larkin McLean’s “Skinny Dipping Party” video